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24 Mar 2020 Using Tunnelbroker to make Lavalink balance its requests over many IPv6 addresses

When scraping metadata with Lavalink, it may be useful to have a large block of IPv6 addresses available. Allocating a large prefix of addresses to a machine can be difficult, as this is dependent on the configuration of the IP addresses, which is generally out of your control if you are renting a server.

17 Jul 2019 My plans to create a new Wayland compositor

Ever since I switched from Windows to Linux 1½ years ago I have been using a tiling X11 window manager. Initially, I was using i3wm, and found the configuration options to be too lacking. I needed something that would let me have more or less complete control, and AwesomeWM would give me that with its Lua scripting.

07 Jul 2019 The dangers of running a large Discord bot

This blog post reflects on some of the biggest struggles one might face when working on a large Discord bot, particularly those that play music. Writing about this topic is one of my motivations for starting this blog, partly because it serves as an outlet for my frustrations. At a later date, I might write about some of the countermeasures I have taken to counter some of these problems. However, I am not used to writing a blog and would appreciate any feedback you might have.

01 Jul 2019 So I developed a blog

So I finally got around to start a blog. Not only did I start a blog, I also developed it from scratch. My general plans with this site is to publish articles about anything related to software.

01 Jul 2019 5 paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum

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